Better results through better Sourcing

Transition & Transformation

Transition is the migration of work from one supplier to another, either in-house or external. This is a critical time when knowledge from the incumbent supplier has to be transferred to another supplier as well as any other items that need to be performed prior to the incoming supplier taking over the provision of the services.

Transition is about managing organisational change and usually results in a decline in productivity until several months after the transition is complete. LODESTAR has developed a comprehensive methodology to ensure the smooth transition of services, assets, personnel, contracts with a strong emphasis on communication and joint accountability.


The buying of services from a supplier has traditionally been to lower costs and gain access to scarce skills. Today there are more arrangements being put in place to use the suppliers for specialist areas such as analytics, mobility and social media. This focus on innovation and business transformation requires significantly deeper insight by the supplier and an atmosphere of collaboration between the parties. Invariably, the way an organisation interacts with a new supplier will require changes to business processes.


LODESTAR has advisors that have structured and led large transitions and managed large transformation programs.










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