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Given the tight financial environment, getting IT project costing right is critical and SEER tools provide a robust, inexpensive platform to achieve this by quickly and accurately calculating the cost of technology initiatives at sub-project, project, program and portfolio levels. "Surprises" to management and stakeholders are avoided by providing achievable estimates and plans at the start and through-out the duration of a project.


Readily scalable to any organisation and highly configurable, thousands of users worldwide are currently realising significant benefits through the use of SEER for IT and SEER for Software. These tools combine an intuitive interface, extensive knowledge bases, sophisticated "parametric" modelling technologies and risk reporting features to accurately estimate what IT projects should cost.


The SEER tools allow organisations to rapidly develop accurate project and on-going operational cost estimates. Parametric modelling accurately assesses what is known about a project and simulates what is unknown, based on meaningful comparative data to:

  • Test projects in the conceptual phase when little information is known
  • Analyse complex and interdependent project options and trade-offs across the IT life cycle - make "go/no go" decisions
  • Perform "what if" analysis to test/optimise the balance of cost, time, resources, quality and risk
  • Compare current costs to future costs
  • Assess risk to determine the probabilities for achieving schedule and cost objectives
  • Develop realistic schedule, costs and staffing estimates based on the industry's most comprehensive IT knowledge bases
  • Develop detailed project plans that align to cost estimates through automatic interfaces to industry standard scheduling tools such as Microsoft Project and Primavera
  • Establish a consistent framework to drive a standardised and repeatable process for estimating and planning IT projects.


Open architecture and APIs ensure that SEER tools can be easily integrated with an organisation's productivity solutions and enterprise applications.


SEER for IT facilitates the development of total cost of ownership models encompassing a wide range of categories including purchased hardware/software, application development (imported from SEER for Software), software/database services, end user services, facilities, training, service desk, documentation and on-going support.


SEER for Software is a powerful decision support tool for estimating software development/maintenance costs, staffing, scheduling, reliability and risk as a function of size (e.g. lines of code, function point or use cases), technology and project management constraints.


Working in conjunction with Galorath product specialists, LODESTAR's Cost Estimating team have been accredited to delivery SEER services and training. To-date SEER has been well received within Australia with numerous organisations realising the benefits of accurately determining project budgets and calculating the risk of costly overruns for software development, packaged software implementations and infrastructure.


To truly understand the power, benefits and applicability of SEER for IT and SEER for Software to your organisation, LODESTAR would welcome the opportunity to demonstrate these products. For more detailed product information please refer to Galorath's website:





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