Better results through better Sourcing

Insight and experience = success

LODESTAR was started with a view that there is a better way to do outsourcing deals. Over the years we have seen the movement away from single provider deals through "best of breed" to the current state where the deals are typically focused on the lowest price point with the CIO having the accountability of the systems integrator. The "as a service" offerings will make this even more difficult.

The LODESTAR team focuses on working with government and private sector customers and suppliers to create fair, long lasting agreements that allow the parties to both benefit from the relationship. Outsourcing agreements are agreed in concept and hopefully accurately drafted in the agreement. Unfortunately, they are delivered in excruciating detail which is why it is vital to build great relationships to work through the details.

Price is always important and it is vital for suppliers to make money. In order to understand cost drivers and allow constructive discussions between customer and supplier, LODESTAR uses and resells the excellent SEER suite of cost estimating tools.


  • Sourcing strategy
  • Negotiation
  • Cost estimating maturity
  • Business outcome sourcing
  • Transition & transformation
  • SEER for budget preparation
  • RFP preparation and processing
  • Governance
  • Project cost estimation



Why choose us

Experience is critical to ensure successful deals
The LODESTAR team has successfully led many engagements locally, regionally and globally and brings this collective knowledge to clients.

Proven tools and methodologies smooth the journey
Sourcing of services is complex. The tools and methodologies LODESTAR brings to the table ensure that the client organisation is well prepared to engage with the suppliers and can effectively manage the contract and the relationship.

Great talent at a low cost
The LODESTAR team have held senior positions prior to joining the organisation providing clients with great talent without a hefty price tag.