Risk management through insight

Insight and experience = success

LODESTAR was started with a view that there is a better way to do outsourcing deals. Over the years we have seen the challenges faced by suppliers and customers in getting IT project and operating costs right, with projects experiencing significant cost overuns. Unfortunately, sourcing and cost estimating in the Agile world is even more difficult.

The LODESTAR team has focused on improving organisations cost estimating proficiency through the deployment of processes and tools. By better understanding the likely cost of a project and being able to assess the confidence factor for delivery, business decisions can be taken with insight and understanding. An important aspect for an organisation to grasp is understanding when a project can be accurately estimated.

LODESTAR is the reseller of the Galorath SEER suite of tools with a special emphasis on IT infrastructure implementation and operating costs as well as software development/ commercial off the shelf product implementations. SEER for Space was released this year to estimate payload and bus costs for space missions.


  • Cost estimation maturity assessment
  • Cost estimation
  • Deal value leakage assessment
  • Cost estimation training
  • Governance
  • Insourcing



Why choose us

Accurate cost estimation is critical for sound business decisions
The LODESTAR team has successfully implemented cost estimation tools and processes in large corporate and government environments.

Proven tools and methodologies smooth the journey
The use of cost estimation tools allows customers to understand what IT services should cost and provides insight during negotiations to do "what if" analysis and understand risk profiles.

Great talent at a low cost
The LODESTAR team have held senior positions prior to joining the organisation providing clients with great talent without a hefty price tag.